2010 Chase Logs

2010 was an incredible year, one that each chaser dreams of come March! Seriously, what started off as a record slow year quickly turned out to be one of the most insane years I could have imagined. I witnessed an incredible 32 tornadoes and got the best footage of my career to date. I chased more and harder than ever after being recently laid off from my job. 2010 raised the bar for future chase seasons, and it will likely be a tough season to top for many years to come. The only real downside was the fact that local chase ops were few and far between.

March 10th -MO/OK
First chase of the season. Barrage of quarter size hail from a tornado warned storm and an interesting stay at a motel in Lebanon, MO!
April 4th – MO
Close intercept of a potential rain wrapped tornado. Got some amazing footage as tornadic winds rock the chase vehicle causing some damage! This is one you will want to make sure you read!

April 5th – MO
The seasons first [and hopefully last] cap bust is exceptionally tough to take as a significant severe episode unfolds back home.
April 6th – IA
Quarter size hail and beautiful structure finally made for a good Iowa chase. Also documented some overturned semis along I-80.
April 21st – TX
Day before the day event. Intercepted gorgeous storms that provided great photo ops despite struggling to produce severe weather.

April 22nd – TX
Two words: TORNADO FEST! Documented anywhere from 6-8 tornadoes in less than 2 hours. WOW! Read it!

April 23rd – NE/IA
Defaulted to northern target on a day that overall did not live up to
expectations. Pretty non severe storms once again intercepted, however
there may have been a tornado this time around.

April 29th – KS/NE
A really fun chase. Great structure, a tornado and hail cores. Got
munched by RFD which damaged some equipment all documented with many
pictures and video!

April 30th – IL
A day that did not live up to expectations. Largely uneventful but was
able to document some damage in Monmouth.

May 7th – IN/OH
My first ever chase in Ohio yields an intense core punch with winds possibly exceeding 70mph along with golf ball size hail. Video shows trees getting ripped apart in these extreme conditions!

May 10th – OK
A significant tornado outbreak rakes Oklahoma. Multiple tornadoes were intercepted. Video shows a roof getting ripped off, large hail and a tornado spinning up in a field no more than 100 yards away!
May 12th – KS
Storms form along a cold front and quickly display a threatening appearance, however were unable to move off the front and became outflow dominant.
May 19th – OK
Every year has that one chase where you fail big time. This was that chase. Managed to get on the one storm that failed to produce a tornado, although it came very close to doing so and there were still some intense moments in the bears cage!
May 21st – WY
My first ever visit to Wyoming yields a beautiful supercell amidst the gorgeous terrain, a possible tornado, a large snake and a long muddy road covered with hail.
May 22nd – SD
MEGA TORNADO FEST! An intense supercell drops a plethora of tornadoes including a violent EF-4 wedge. Intercepted the most tornadoes ever in a chase to date and became trapped when our atlas showed us a road that wasn’t there forcing us to bail into a farmers field to escape not 1, but 2 oncoming tornadoes with one touching down no more than 10 yards away! WILD!
May 24th – SD
Got a late start on a day where the best storms went up too early. Went on to intercept a storm that tried to get a wall cloud going but never quite matured.
June 1st – IA
The Iowa curse continues. Raced after a storm that became a tornado producer only to be slowed down. The back side provided some nice structure as a consolation prize.

June 5th – IA/IL
Iowa almost ruins what turned out to be a major day in Illinois. Intercepted supercell near Peoria with amazing structure as well as 2 tornadoes. Also documented damage in the city of Dwight after suffering a big hit from another tornado as supercells raced across Illinois.
June 8th – IL
A marginal setup somewhat close to home ends up busting but was spent with good company. 
June 10th – CO

CO magic shows itself to me with a pair of beautiful tornadoes!

June 11th – CO
The farthest west I have ever chased. Intercepted monster HP storms near Denver with great colors but too much outflow.
June 12th – OK
Late start as a massive hailstorm goes up in the TX panhandle. Chose to remain on the safe side and intercepted storms as they lined out. Called chase early for a relaxing evening in Kansas.
June 13th – TX
Another day of HP insanity. This time taking a beating from hail up to 3 inches! Washed out roads from flash flooding cost us the tornadoes today.
June 17th – MN
TORNADO INSANITY pt 2! My first chase to the state of MN will be hard to beat. After a complete technology meltdown things looked bleak when suddenly tail end charlie exploded and dropped anywhere up to 11 tornadoes including multiple violent wedges and this time, unfortunately, towns were hit during a significant outbreak.
June 18th – IL
A massive bow echo slams Chicago on my way home from the previous days chase. I intercepted it along the way. Significant damage occurred near home.
June 23rd – IL
Intercepted an HP supercell with some of the heaviest white out rains I’ve ever driven through along with 75mph winds that sent tree branches raining down on us, hail and intense CG lightning. It was a great chase until a tornado warned supercell tracked right over my neighborhood.
July 14th – MN
An unseasonably strong system provides a chase opp in the upper midwest. However flow veers quickly and storms quickly line out.
November 22nd – IL
A late season IL sleeper setup leaves me bolting out the door to catch some severe warned supercells not too far from home.
December 31st – IL
Yes you read the date and location correctly. The chase wasn’t much on this deady outbreak but given the time of the year you should check it out anyways.

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