The 2012 chase season is one I would rather forget than remember. It will definitely go down as one of my worst. One of the slowest tornado years on record meant for a low amount of total chases combined with a higher bust ratio leading to an overall poor season. Still though, it wasn’t tornado-less and I did manage to reach some new milestones with some memorable moments.

March 2nd – IN/KY

First chase of the season is a deadly high risk outbreak in the Ohio Valley. A difficult chase in tricky terrain/roads along the Ohio River, but 2 tornadoes were witnessed.
March 12th – IN/MI

Marginal setup close to home yields the seasons first bust.
March 28th – KS

Plenty of large hail and cool supercell structure on a chase where slow storm speeds allowed for easy intercepts.
March 29th – KS/NE 

Largely uneventful chase with a brief core punch.
April 13th – OK 

Frustrating chase in Oklahoma City metro traffic while a tornado was striking Norman. Intercepted crazy HP supercell with awesome inflow band encounter, large hail, a low contrast tornado and a scary close call as we rode out the storm while another tornado passed to the south.
April 14th – KS 

Frustrating daytime chase with a couple weak tornadoes offers redemption at dark with more significant ones during a significant high risk outbreak.
April 15th – MN 

Moderate risk bust with mediocre storms. Spent most of the day goofing around taking amusing pictures and video.
April 27th – KS 

Another Moderate Risk day fails to live up to expectations, but some mediocre structure and a cool experience with a storms gust front gave us a consolation prize.
May 5th – NE

Blue sky bust spent with good company. Lots of photos.
May 27th – NE

Under performing setup gives mediocre storms and small hail.
May 28th – IA/IL

Intercepted outflow driven storms in Iowa and Illinois noting cool anvil structure and outflow driven dust.
June 9th – ND

First chase to North Dakota yields some hail and mediocre structure.
September 5th – IL

Even IL blue sky busts in 2012. Same old, same old…
October 12th – TX

A fall setup actually turns out to be a great chase. Documented tennis ball size hail and 2 tornadoes!
October 13th – OK

Over-hyped grunge fest gives us a brief core with sub severe hail/wind and some decent backlit sunset structure.

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