The 2013 chase season was all about quality over quantity. The year saw the lowest number of tornadoes in recorded history, but when the year produced, it produced big. I made the most of it, and had a stellar year, nabbing tornadoes on all the big days. While the overall tornado count is low compared to other seasons, many of these tornadoes will be the most memorable for years to come!

January 29th – IL

Early season setup gives us some severe/tornado warned line segments. Notable rotation was observed but no tornadoes confirmed.
April 7th – KS

Intercepted storm with great structure and lots of hail.
April 8th – CO

Driving the TIV day 1! Caught a pretty storm with more good structure and lots of hail.
April 9th – KS

Second day with the TIV crew. Sat around waiting for storms to form on a day that severely fell below expectations.
April 10th – AR

Third day driving the TIV! Chased in difficult Arkansas terrain intercepting tornado warned storm. Caught a very close lightning strike on camera, but no tornadoes.
April 17th – OK

Chased multiple HP supercells with large hail, mean structure and got my first tornado of 2013, which formed right infront of us!
May 18th – KS

Intercepted 2 photogenic, beautiful tornadoes in Central Kansas including the entire 27 minute life cycle of the Rozel, KS EF-4 from a single location.
May 19th – KS/OK 

Caught an amazing rope tornado from less than 100 yards away, video shows the funnel stretching directly over the chase vehicle!
May 20th – OK 

Captured the violent, and unfortunately deadly Moore, OK EF-5 tornado.
May 27th – KS

Chased a beastly HP storm that produced a low contrast EF-4 tornado near the town of Esbon!
May 28th – KS 

Captured an amazing EF-4 tornado that remained nearly stationary for an hour! Incredible!
May 29th – KS 

Largely uneventful chase as storms fail to live up to expectations.
May 30th – OK 

Overslept and missed the main play of the day, but got on renewed development offering sub-severe storms.
May 31st – OK 

The day storm chasing would be forever changed as strong tornadoes claim some of our own. One of the most hectic chases of my life. Got caught in traffic jam due to local media starting a mass exodus. Nearly got hit by a tornado near the town of Tuttle.
June 12th – IL 

High risk in home territory yields dramatic storm structure and strong straight line winds.
June 22nd – NE 

Cap bust in Nebraska gives only a brief look at a dying non severe storm.
June 23  – CO 

Chased a pretty photogenic storm complex noting several gustnadoes, cool structure and a possible tornado.
October 4th – NE 

Got extremely close to the violent, EF-4 wedge that struck Wayne, NE. The tornado blew out the back windshield in what was a narrow escape and the craziest moment I’ve experienced while chasing.
November 17th – IL 

Rare, late season high risk outbreak. Captured the amazing (and unfortunately deadly) Washington, IL EF-4 tornado!

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