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Burning Fire Pit Video IS NOT From Russian Meteor Strike

Feb 15, 2013 Comments Off by

A meteor (or meteorite I think technically) has struck Russia and incredibly there are dozens of amazing videos capturing both the strike and the incredible audio from the sonic boom that followed. Here is a great news article from Russia that has many of these amazing videos: Naturally though, fake videos are also appearing, such […]

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Radar Animation of Rain/Snow Line Approaching Chicago

Feb 07, 2013 Comments Off by

The new dual pol radar products are fascinating to use. Right now (3:26pm February 7th 2013) there is a changeover from rain to snow occurring across the Chicago area. Normally this is hard to pick up on ordinary reflectivity (right) but using a new dual pol product called the Correlation Coefficient (left), you can actually […]

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Scattered vs Isolated Thunderstorms – What is the Difference?

Feb 03, 2013 No Comments by

As a weather junkie one of the questions I often get asked is what is the difference between Scattered and Isolated thunderstorms. Though not obvious, there actually is a difference. First and foremost. Scattered vs isolated has NOTHING to do with the intensity or severity of the storms. Anytime thunderstorms are forecast for your area […]

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