2014  was another sub par, challenging year for myself and most chasers. The year gave us a diamond amidst the pile of coal though, with one of the most spectacular events ever imagineable. That lone event is what saved the year from being another 2012 or 2009. Other than that single day, most of the other events fell short of what their potential could be. The overall tornado count was decent, but most of the tornadoes weren’t. All in all this is a year I am glad to have behind me, but Ive had worse.

April 1st – OK

Mother Nature is the prankster today as the season opens with a cap bust!
April 2nd – KS

Elevated severe storms give us some hail and structure.
April 3rd – MO

First under-performing Moderate Risk of the year as a cold front doesn’t play nice.
April 12th – IA

Elevated severe storms dump lots of hail up to golfball size.
April 26th – KS

Oh goody, another cap bust.
April 27th – NE

2014 finally gives us a tornado!
April 28th – IL

Bad targeting had us looking at non-severe storms while a major outbreak unfolds hundreds of miles away.
April 29th – MS

A classic MDT risk 15% hatched BUST.
May 11th – NE

Monster HP supercell with multiple low contrast tornadoes.
May 20th – Chicagoland

Local lightning photography outing turns into a classic southeast moving supercell chase complete with intense straight line winds and large hail!
June 3rd – NE

Surging outflow boundaries ruin what could have been a big day, but still got on a mean HP monster!
June 14th – NE 

A couple after dark torndaoes and some decent supercell structure made for one of the better chases of 2014
June 16th – NE 

The most jaw dropping, incredible thing I have ever witnessed while chasing. TWIN EF-4s! Also several other tornadoes, this will be THE CHASE of 2014! FINALLY!
June 30th – IA/IL

Chased potentially potent setup in Iowa only catching a hazy shelf cloud, but then got rocked at home after the chase!
July 12th – IA 

Marginal setup yields decent supercell structure before storms congealed into rainy mess.

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