2015 once again started off really slow, but quickly flipped the switch once May rolled around with tornadoes returning to the country at a regular pace. Some big time life setbacks kept me from chasing a lot of big days unfortunately, but despite that, there were some quality days with career catches. I also had a front windshield completely destroyed by large hail for the first time. The local area was more active than years past, and fall provided a historic outbreak. Overall a good year with one of my higher tornado counts, along with the worst bust of my career. A roller coaster year if ever there was one.

April 8th – OK

Rough start to the year as we leave a storm that would ultimately produce a tornado for one that dies as soon as we arrive.
April 9th – IA/IL

Captured my first tornado of 2015 near Clinton, IA at very close range. The celebration was short lived as a career event then unfolds across Illinois.
April 22nd – TX

Intercepted two supercells. One being an HP behemoth with lots of hail, the other being a photogenic treat with a possible tornado.
April 23rd – TX 

Caught a brief, non severe storm that displayed impressive structure for its short life.
April 24th – KS 

Captured a hazy tornado during in intense punch through the RFD core that hurls tennis ball hail at us, breaking the windshield!
April 26th – TX 

Very intense chase intercepting multiple supercells that pummeled us with hail up to softball size! We even caught a couple tornadoes and amazing structure.
May 8th – OK 

Rode out an HP monster inside a car wash that saw a possible tornado pass nearly overhead!
May 9th – KS 

Caught several tornadoes near dusk on a day that fell short of expectations.
May 15th – NE 

Chased a couple tornadic supercells across the Nebraska panhandle capturing a funnel cloud and some structure.
May 16th – TX/OK 

Caught a monster wedge tornado, then got destroyed by the RFD containing 80mph wind driven hail up to softball size!
June 2nd – SD 

Chased down a storm only to have it die as I arrived. Bust.
June 3rd – WY 

Sat around waiting for storms that didn’t form until we called the day and went to dinner. Bust.
June 4th – KS

Picked the wrong target, but got on some supercells in the days last light.
June 5th – CO 

Upslope magic pays off big! Amazing day with multiple photogenic tornadoes!
June 6th – NE 

High hopes fall short with grungy storms that failed to produce.
June 11th – IL 

Caught a couple grungy storms on a conditional, but local day.
June 20th – IA 

Chased an intense linear complex across Iowa that produced strong straight line winds and even a QLCS tornado.
June 22nd – IL 

Got extremely close to a tornado as a monster cyclic supercell tracks across Northern Illinois!
June 24th – IA 

Got on a couple tornado warned supercells that went quickly outflow dominant.
July 13th – IL 

Chased an isolated supercell with wicked RFD structure that couldn’t quite complete the job.
July 18th – IL 

Captured a very weak tornado near the IL/WI border.
August 18th – IL 

Marginal chase turns intense when a strong supercell almost produces in our backyard!
August 22nd – IA 

Typical Iowa grungy cold front fail, only in August.
November 11th – IA

Caught a brief tornado near the Des Moines airport on a difficult day.
November 16th – TX 

Late season after dark tornadofest, intercepted many large tornadoes!!
December 23rd – IL

Chasing locally 2 days before Christmas? Great! Until nature trolled us one last time.

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