2016 was a really good chase year. A good success ratio and a high number of tornadoes despite it overall being a slow year as a whole. Things started off with back to back tornado chases, slowed down a bit with some difficult April setups and then had an incredible stretch in late May. Awesome tornadoes were witnessed, including a new chase with the most number of tornadoes I’ve seen in a single day, and other with the single most impressive tornado I’ve witnessed. A new semi-regular chase partner also accompanied me on a number of days, together having some of the most unique and experience I’ve ever had! 2016 will definitely be a year I look back on and smile about.

March 13th – AR

Kicked off the season with some supercells and a nighttime tornado.
March 15th – IL

Captured 2 tornadoes across Illinois during another early season setup!
March 30th – KS

Less than ideal setup under-performs, yielding the years first bust.
April 15th – TX/OK/KS

Chased  a supercell across 3 states, catching 4 tornadoes in the Oklahoma panhandle!
April 16th – TX 

Sampled a couple severe storms in the Texas panhandle.
April 26th – OK

Hopes fall short as a PDS tornado watch fails to produce.
April 28th – TX

Photogenic high based supercell, plus some hail fun in the Texas panhandle.
April 29th – OK

Caught a tornado buried deep in the cage of an HP monster!
May 8th – KS/OK 

Came really close to a tornado on a nicely structured storm, but nature had a cruel trick for us.
May 16th – TX 

Jaw dropping structure and intense hail core in the TX panhandle!
May 22nd – TX 

Close encounter with 2 tornadoes kicks off a crazy week!
May 23rd – TX 

Decent structure and 2 inch hail an a slightly under-performing day.
May 24th – KS 

Tornado machine drops a dozen tornadoes!! Also got stuck in the mud.
May 25th – KS 

Two tornadoes, one being a 90 minute ef-4 documented from extremely close range. Insane day!
May 26th – KS 

Highly anticipated setup falls apart due to too many storms going up at once.
June 13th – CO 

Caught a supercell that quickly died as upslope setup under performs
June 14th – IL 

Illinois throws me a surprise tornado on my way home from the previous days chase!
June 15th – WI 

Tracked a pretty intense supercell across central WI with some hail and high winds.
June 22nd – IL 

On the one year anniversary of a tornado outbreak in N IL, the same setup repeats itself! Captured 3 tornadoes this time.
October 4th – KS 

Intercepted intense storm approaching Wichita that almost produced a tornado.

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