2017. A new year with huge potential. Coming off yet another year with way below average tornado numbers (on a national scale,) we are all wondering if this will be the year that finally reverses the trend and we see an active year? A major project may also change the way I chase, and for the better! My truck is aging, and I’m also wondering if this will be the final season it sees?

February 27th – TX

Gentleman’s chase to dust the cobwebs off by getting into some severe hail!
February 28th – IL

Captured the violent and unfortunately deadly Perryville, MO tornado as it crossed into Illinois.
March 28th – TX

Tragedy strikes the chase community during a bust chase in TX.
April 5th – KY

Tracked a tornado warned HP supercell across Kentucky.
April 9th – IA

Daytime cap bust gives severe hail on the way home.
April 28th – KY

A cap bust as 2017 enters a difficult chase phase.
April 29th – IL

Some pretty wicked structure on a tornado warned storm in Central IL!
Next Chase – ??

Where will it be? Time will tell!

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