2018, at the very least, will be a challenging year. My truck is quickly aging, and life is pulling me in some new directions. The big project from last year suffered major setbacks due to people not following through on their commitments, but plan B has been put into motion for this year. It’s not all hardships though, I have been hired as a tour guide for the first time and will be chasing consistently through much of May! As always, it wont be easy, but I am ready, excited and willing.

April 21st – TX (Coming Soon!)

Slow season kicks off with a couple severe warned storms on a localized, marginal setup.
April 30th – TX

Sampled a couple non severe storms on day before the day setup.
May 1st – KS

There’s always that one day each year you pick the wrong storm.
May 2nd – OK

Tracked a pair of outflow-y supercells across central Oklahoma.
Next Chase – ??

Where will it be? Time will tell!

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