April 21 2010 Texas Supercells

Feb 27, 2012
CrapRock Magic.
Targeted TX panhandle hoping for a “day before the day” type event on the caprock. A supercell dropped a nice cone tornado the day before so we were hoping a similar scenario would unfold again. Storms began to fire and were isolated. Intercepted 2 storms by driving in between them having excellent views. Storms were pretty but could never produce due to contamination from outflow boundaries associated with other nearby storms. Got on several different storms all noting the same thing, pretty structure but little severe weather.
Tornadoes: 0
Hail: .00″
Wind: 25mph estimate.
Features: brief wall cloud, updraft tower, mammatus, rainbow.
Miles: 646
Detailed account:
Danny Neal and I left Tuesday afternoon to begin a potential 3-4 day chase marathon. We drove to Wichita to meet up with my buddy Mike Nelson who would let us crash at his place and then join us for the chase. We were hoping the days setup would be along the TX/OK border but after going over morning data it was clear the threat had shifted further SW towards the Lubbock area. The forecast looked somewhat bleak with the entire area socked in clouds and even fog, but we told ourselves we would head out there to be in position for Thursdays chase and just go after any storms that went up.
We made excellent time getting out there and stopped in Shamrock, TX where we hung out at the same McDonalds Skip and I stopped at back on June 13th 09. After monitoring data we continued west and storms began to fire. The chase was on.
We began to see a nice looking storm as we approach, the area atop the caprock is nice and flat, and the road network was very good.
The structure on the storm began to really improve.
There were actually 2 storms really close to each other and they were only moving at 10mph. Unsure which one would become dominant we chose a road that took us in between both storms. The western-most storm began to look the best so we made that our primary goal. We found a road and a spot with a great view where we sat and watched. The storm was severe warned for hail and for a time began to get its act together and even started to develop a wall cloud with some rotation.
The storm to its east however, fell apart and spit out an outflow boundary that would interact with this storm. Unfortunately this reaction was not favorable and as we felt the storm inhale the chilly outflow we watched it slowly fall apart. It was still pretty though.
High based, LP structured supercell.
We then turned our attention to other storms going up in the area, there were many storms to chose from and none looked any better based off radar so we just picked the ones that were easiest to get to. On the way to intercept them they were nice to look at from the back side.
As we intercepted the storms though it was the same story, pretty structure and no severe weather other than large hail reports. We thought about a core punch on the storm, but we opted to go after other storms that still stood a chance at tornado production. Once we called the chase we agreed to meet Skip Talbot for dinner near Childress, TX which is roughly where we wanted to target the next day, en route I watched a new storm blow up in my rear view mirror which began to look textbook so I found a nice spot to pull over and we watched it for about an hour. The structure was great, it went severe warned for hail but could never produce.
Mike and Danny watching the storm.
Pretty strcuture.
Cool sun rays.
Here is a video showing a time lapse of the storm along with some bonus rainbow footage.

Once this storm was done we moved forward with our plan to meet Skip in Childress. There we ate at a nice local diner and booked a room at the motel next door.
While no severe weather was experienced today technically gets filed under the bust category, but I have a hard time labeling it that given storms did form. The structure was great and photogenic and if I wanted to I could have core punched and gotten some severe hail but opted not to this time around.
Map not available for this chase [Danny closed it without saving.]
SPC storm reports.

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