April 23 2010 Nebraska/Iowa Storms

Feb 27, 2012
Another Pretty Bust
Chose northern target due to starting location. Hung around Auburn, NE before jogging into Nebraska City and eventually into IA as storms began to fire. Teaser storms ended up dying so we dropped back west for more promising looking storms that never materialized into anything major. Called it a chase and met up with Chad Cowan for dinner in Council Bluffs where Danny and I booked a room for the night.
Tornadoes: 0
Hail: .00″
Wind: 25mph estimate.
Miles: 560
Detailed account:
Today looked like a tornado outbreak in parts of the deep south. However us awaking in Wichita meant we were out of position to make it down there. Fortunately the northern target looked good as well. The big problem today was the low was occluding [stabilizing/weakening] which is something I have never had good experience with. Part of me regretted not marathoning towards the south and we were defaulted on the northern target so we left Wichita and headed north into NE.
Stopped for food, since my new cell phone is too big for my custom cell folder I had to put it to use somehow.
Mmmm sun warmed ketchup. We proceeded into NE and again met up with Skip who had similar thoughts as we did. We found a lake and hung out there which made me wish I had some fishing gear with. We were hoping the name would be a good omen for the day.
We sat there for hours watching cu build and collapse. One of them took on the appearance of a camel.
We decided to head north to where some of the bigger cu were. On the way they began to build into some storms and we thought the chase had begun.
Skips van as we head north.
One storm looked very nice on the eyes.
On radar it was a different story, it quickly fell apart as new storms tried to form behind it.
We pulled off the road and scratched our heads for awhile on what to do next. Skip was ready to head for home while Danny and I pondered staying in the area overnight since there was a chance for a chase the next day. As we sat there pondering our move storms quickly began firing west of Omaha so we made a mad dash back west to catch them. We got split from Skip as we chose a different route to the storms.
Towers going up west of Omaha.
We ended up intercepting SW of Omaha near Murdok. The storm looked high based but had a wall cloud and at one point both Danny and I thought we saw a well defined, pointed funnel sticking down. We wrote it off given the high based nature of the storm but other chasers nearby saw the same thing and again labeled it a tornado. Until I can confirm this I will not count it. I was getting bored with starring at mediocre structure and was ready for a core punch, but the hail indicated by radar was under 1.00″ so we called the chase and headed back towards Omaha where we met up with Chad Cowan and Skip for dinner.
Today was much like Wednesday, pretty storms without much action. The potential funnel/tornado add a big question to the chase. If it weren’t for the previous days chase I would have finished this chase in a bit of a grumpy mood, but thats the great thing about marathons, it only takes one great chase to make the entire trip worthwhile. The southern target saw a couple decent storms but overall chasers came home without much on the day, which down there didn’t live up to the hype at all. I still hate occluding lows.
Map not available [this time I forgot to save it!]
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