April 23rd 2015 Texas Non Severe Storm

Apr 27, 2015


Sat around most of the day thinking it would bust, decided to head home when a storm blew up nearby. Diverted to check it out and saw some neat structure for a few minutes as the storm tried to organize but ultimately failed.


Tornadoes: 0
Hail: 0.00″
Wind” n/a

The Forecast:
Previous days convection pushing boundary further south. Speed and directional shear sufficient for rotating storms but not optimal. Atmospheric recovery was a concern in wake of previous convection. SPC going with marginal tornado probs in area where shear and potential instability could be maximized.

Detailed Account:

After a decent chase the day before, this day looked to hold questionable potential. We survived our overnight stay in Plainview and since we were already out here we decided to stick around and give the day a shot. We meandered east and sat around Seymour, TX. We spent most of the day driving in chilly, drizzly fog and it did not feel like a chase day, but to our south on the other side of the boundary it was very warm and unstable. Eventually we thought the day would bust and started to drive back towards Norman but then a tiny blip appeared on radar roughly 20 minutes from our location. We decided to detour and check it out, just in case.

Not too many chasers were out today, so it was our chance to catch something unique. We got on the little storm near Jermyn. The storm wasn’t even severe warned, had no lightning, but displayed supercell structure along with some low level rotation. I was impressed and certainly wasn’t expecting that. It did not last long however, as available instability was just not there. We watched the storm grow elevated, shed its base into a roll cloud and quickly die.

Texas Supercell Jermyn

Storm Death

The next day looked like it could be the big day of our stretch and that the target would be in Kansas, so we began our trek north to Norman where we would room up for the night.


We had pretty low expectations of today so it was not really a let down even though technically it was a bust. Seeing the brief structure turned out to be an unexpected treat. Not a bad way to spend the day since we were already down there.


SPC Reports:

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