April 28th 2017 Kentucky Bust

May 02, 2017


Cap busted in Kentucky during marginal setup. Caught some lightning after dinner.


Tornadoes: 0
Hail: 0.00″
Wind: n/a

The Forecast:

Warm front draped from Texas panhandle through Ohio valley. Good, deep shear in place but warm sector forecast to remain cloudy and capped. Models hinted at potential convective development and numerous storms were at least forecast after sunset. SPC went bullish with tornado probs given the concerns.

Detailed Account:

It’s been a difficult year, and at this point I am on the verge of my first tornadoless April since 2009. The setup was not good and I had low expectations, but it was somewhat close and looked to be the first of 3 marginal chances over the weekend. I could hit this one and then chase the system north back home. Additionally, the pattern going into May looks even worse, so its this or nothing. Alec and I decided to try, and get out of cold, chilly rain forecast to sit over Northern Illinois all weekend.

The original plan was to target southern Illinois but the area of best clearing and instability began shifting east into Kentucky, a little further than I wanted to be, but what can you do? We made it down there in plenty of time. The airmass was sticky and it FELT like a severe weather day. We sat in Princeton and watched several storms try to go up but ultimately fail as they struggled against the cap. Kholby Martin and his chase partners met up with us. A promising looking updraft went up to our east and we followed it briefly before it collapsed.

It was almost dark at this point and we called the chase. We grabbed dinner in paducah before deciding to book a room in Mount Vernon, IL to get in position for the next day. On the way we detoured to sample a severe warned storm as the night event got underway. We encountered a pretty intense CG barrage to at least add some thunder amusement for the day, but overall it was a bust.


I had low expectations for the day, so I wasn’t too disappointed. You play the hand you’re dealt in this game and lately they haven’t been good ones. Tomorrow storms at least look more likely, so hopefully it can slowly get better from here.


SPC Reports:

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