April 5 2010 Missouri Cap Bust

Feb 27, 2012


2010s first cap bust. Left Jesse’s house and targeted northern MO in hopes the warm front would light up but it never did. Spent the day BSing with the IL and MI chase crews. Made a last minute dash of doom across the entire state after a pair of nice supercells that formed along the KS/NE border, but they fell apart once we got close. Met up with other chasers and had dinner in St Joseph, MO where we booked a hotel for the night.
Tornadoes: 0
Hail: .00″
Wind: 00mph
Lesson learned: Next time a similar setup presents itself, core punch the elevated hailers in the morning so at least you can say you got into a storm.
Detailed account:
This day looked like it held some great potential. However an unseasonably strong cap/EML put a major damper on things. I knew it would be tough to break but still thought it possible, and if it did break it would break big.
Jesse made us all a nice breakfast so we ate and got ready to set off for the day.
We all agreed on northern MO as a target and stopped in Unionville to sit and wait. After awhile we realized the warm front wasn’t moving as far north as expected so we drifted south to Kirksville, the roads were like a rollercoaster which made for a fun drive.
Upon arriving in Kirksville we still decided to drop south to get into the warm sector. Once there around Macon…we sat around and waited…
and waited…
and waited…
A brief moment of excitement came when some towers began going up and we thought the chase was on. We darted north and watched the towers build…but then crash down into nothingness. Around 6pm Jesse and crew called it a cap bust and left for home. Ben Holcomb, LB and I stuck around though just in case. We called the chase and decided to head for Bethany to stay the night as it would put us in prime position for Tuesdays chase. En route though storms fired and we found ourselves making a dash of doom to intercept them…we made great time but alas, they died upon our arrival.
We rendezvoused with Steve Polley, Scott Benette and Chris Rice for dinner and then crashed in a rather dismal Motel 6 for the night.
A few shots of us messing around. Busting is easier when done in a large group, at least we can find ways to entertain ourselves.
Brandon Sullivan soaking up the sun of a cap bust.
Kirksville, MO water tower. They were hit by an EF-3 last year.
Busts are tough, especially when you think it will be a big day. The biggest thing I came home with this day will be a new strategic approach when it comes to future setups. I will mess with elevated hailers next time, at least they will provide something worthwhile as opposed to driving around aimlessly. The unseasonably strong cap was to blame for this one.
What made this bust harder to take than normal was a pretty significant severe weather event occurred back home. Baseball size hail pummeled parts of Chicago where hail is generally pretty rare, let alone hail of that size. I was pretty mad about that, but there was nothing I could do. Also, before leaving Jesse’s I made a comment about leftover boundaries being a good target in western IL and sure enough, look where the lone tornado report is below.
SPC forecasted tornado probs:
Storm reports:

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