As you probably know by now my name is Adam Lucio. I was born in Chicago on September 11th 1982. I have lived in the city my entire life. Though my roots are here in the city my heart belongs in the country. I am generally not a fan of big city life, but I will spare you those details and get to what most people are wondering. Just how did I get interested in the weather?

Well, I can’t tell you when it started. I do know it started young though. What separates me from most storm chasers is I did not grow up around tornadoes, nor was there some event that affected me when I was a kid. For whatever reason, I was drawn to the raw power of storms for as long as I can remember. When it would storm here in Chicago [and we do get our fair share of storms here] I would be drawn to the window or trying to run outside to experience it.This unnatural interest never went away. Eventually I learned of this thing called a tornado, and it represented the peak of a storms power. I needed to see and experience one of these things for myself, but how? I had a pretty tough life growing up in Chicago, my family was far from rich and I was never handed things. My interest in the weather took a back seat to all of lifes problems through teenage years. After years of enduring this struggle I began to snap out of it. One day I had an epiphany and realized it was up to me to take charge, the world wasn’t going to give me what I want. I had to do it for myself. I began teaching myself about weather and attended my first spotter class in 2002.

From there I began chasing local storms whenever I could. This consisted of me just driving around in the rain pretending I knew what I was doing. Eventually I longed for more than just pea size hail and lightning. Social media was a big help and I began networking with other chasers and began to broaden my chase area from just Chicago to Illinois and Indiana. Finally, in 2007 I said I was all in and made my debut in tornado alley, nabbing my first tornadoes on May 5th 2007 in the great state of Kansas. I was accomplishing things I never thought I could and starting to live my childhood dream. Each year I push myself to reach new goals and achieve new milestones in my chasing career.

This is where I stand today, I consider myself to be one of the nations most passionate storm chasers. Storm chasing is not a convenient hobby for me. It is my life. I make big sacrifices to make sure I can chase as much as possible. While some may consider me foolish because my goals in life aren’t to get what everyone else wants [fancy house, fancy car, big money etc etc] I wouldn’t change what I do for the world. I am a very agressive chaser, often taking that calculated and sometimes controversial risk to get up close and personal with the violent weather. I dont just want to see the storm, I want to experience the storm!

I have seen nearly 100 tornadoes of all shapes and sizes, including some of the more notorious ones from recent outbreaks. I’ve also worked with numerous media companies for live streaming/reporting. I work with storm chasing charities as well, and have even become a backup driver for Sean Casey’s TIV! I am here to stay!

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