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April 12th 2014 Iowa Hail

Apr 13, 2014 Comments Off by

Summary: Dashed into Iowa to catch isolated, but elevated storms with prolific hail cores. Got cored with hail up to ping pong ball size before night fell and storms transitioned to linear mode. Stats: Tornadoes: 0 Hail: 1.50″ (Ping Pong) Wind: n/a The Forecast: Strong baroclinic zone setup with quasi-stationary boundary draped across the midwest. [...]

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April 3rd 2014 Missouri Storm Chase

Apr 04, 2014 Comments Off by

Summary: Went after initial severe storm development close to target area before they moved into bad Ozark terrain. Abandoned initial storms for new round of cold front storms to the south before those died. Called chase, had dinner and left for home.     Stats: Tornadoes:  0 Hail: .50″ (Dime) Wind: n/a The Forecast: Deep [...]

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April 2nd 2014 Storm Chase – Severe Warned Storms.

Apr 04, 2014 Comments Off by

Summary: Played storms that developed north of triple point boundary getting some brief bouts of hail, elevated structure and blowing RFD dust. Stats: Tornadoes: 0 Wind: n/a Hail : 1.00″ (quarter – officially severe.) The Forecast: Another marginal day. Similar setup to day before, but with sharpening dryline now forecast to move east instead of [...]

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April Fools Day Storm Chasing Prank

Apr 04, 2014 Comments Off

Summary: Gambled with day before the day potential cap bust, and lost. Stats: Tornadoes: 0 Wind: n/a Hail: 0.00″ Storms: 0 The Forecast: Initial piece of progressive trough moving into the plains. Ample moisture was finally in place creating strong instablity for early April standards. Forcing along a retreating dryline was weak at best. Cap [...]

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A Slow Start to Spring.

Mar 16, 2014 Comments Off

After a brutal winter dominated by frequent visits from the dreaded polar vortex, and more snow days for kids than parents probably cared to deal with, spring has been slow to arrive. While meteorological spring begins on March 1st, the equinox (the actual start of spring) isn’t set to arrive for a few more days. [...]

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Thunder Snow in Chicago – First Storms of 2014

Feb 17, 2014 Comments Off

Well, today the first official thunderstorms for 2014 in Chicago go into the books. As I’ve done in the past, here is a blog of the event. This year, like 2011 and 2010 it came in the form of thunder-SNOW, instead of the thunderstorms we’re typically used to seeing in spring. The Chicago area seems [...]

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Guide To Understanding Facebook Weather Forecasts

Dec 16, 2013 Comments Off

Facebook weather pages are a popular source of information, but it is important to understand the nature of the posts being made. I run a page on facebook here: which serves two main purposes. The main purpose is to showcase my work as a storm chaser and the other is to spread weather information and forecasts [...]

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Washington Illinois EF-4 Tornado November 17th 2013

Nov 19, 2013 Comments Off

Summary: Chased late season high risk outbreak in local turf catching the large, long tracked and unfortunately deadly EF-4 tornado that tore through Washington Illinois. Stopped to perform search and rescue before resuming chase catching a distant view of a second tornado near Dana, IL. Called chase once storms got too far ahead and had [...]

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Washington Illinois EF-4 Tornado Video November 17th 2013

Nov 18, 2013 Comments Off

Here is a quick link to my video of the tornado that moved through Washington, IL on Sunday November 17th 2013. We were near the town of Roanoke when we caught view of the tornado, a more detailed log will be coming in the next day or so.

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June 12th 2013 Chicago Illinois High Risk

Oct 23, 2013 Comments Off

Summary: Ignored more obvious tornado target to gamble closer to home. Got on tornado warned supercell that quickly went outflow dominant noting dramatic storm structure. Core punched storm experiencing 70mph winds and hail up to nickel size. Called chase as storms congealed and moved on.     Stats: Tornadoes: 0 Hail: .88″ (Nickel) Wind: est [...]

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