January 7 2008 Rare Severe Weather in Northern Illinois

Mar 05, 2012

Before I begin let me just mention that the events are some for the
history and record books. NEVER BEFORE has a tornado occurred this far
north in Illinois in the month of January.
The last time a tornado occurred in this region in January was on the
25th in 1950 down in Kankakee county. [This was also the day Chicago
set its all-time record high for January of 67 degrees…see how
similar conditions exist during these


Anyways, It felt good to get out
there so early in the year. It was a fun little chase for
January standards although nothing too extreme or exciting was encountered on
my end. I did however cover 2 states [IL and IN] and log 260 miles
giving the ’08 season a fast start.


In a nutshell
city traffic ruined my perfect plans of interception but that is typical
around here. Sometimes I get mad when chasers in the plains states complain about the occasional “yahoo” chaser. They have no idea what its
like chasing on a city expressway during rush
hour. it can be very frustrating at times.


I was able
to get some decent “warm up” experiences out of the deal, got to hear the
sound of pebble-pea size hail hitting the van [not severe levels but
again…its January!!] Had a few intense gusts of wind which you will
see and hear in video. Witnessed lightning wiping out the power on the
expressways twice, a rollover accident, and a blown down ramp sign.

Anyways heres a brief video clip…working
with mini-DVD video is a pain in the ass. I dont like it. Oh well. The
video isnt too exciting but there are a couple points of interest you
can just Fast Forward too if you dont wanna watch it

@ 1:10-1:20 severe wind gusts {audio and you
can see the chains swaying back n forth as the van gets

and @ 1:37 lightning knocks out the power on the

SPC storm reports…35 tornado

Well thats chase 1. A good way to start off the
year, got a little taste of the action.
The outbreak has been deadly though, especially in Missouri, its not
good when theres multiple deaths reported and its only January 7th.
People need to learn! Thoughts and prayers for the victims

This outbreak was under-forecasted by every
weather-nut in the country, myself included. I am hoping allot will be learned
from this event about how our atmosphere

Thanks for checking it

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