June 21 2011 Illinois Beautiful Storm Structure

Feb 26, 2012

On the way back from our chase on June 19th and June 20th we weren’t really sold on this days setup. We casually made our way home and just decided to mess around with anything that went up. Sure enough, a potent linear complex of storms went up and had Chicago in its sight. As we got closer the sun was beginning to set and the backside of the complex lit up in true beauty. We deemed it impossible to get ahead of the complex before reaching the metro area so we opted to pull over and enjoy this photogenic treat.
The backsides of storms are sometimes the most beautiful part where you get crazy contrast due to the sun. You can find mammatus, low hanging scud, rainbows, anvil crawler lightning and even sometimes a tornado in the most rarest of cases!
Days like this really, really, really made me wish I had a better camera. Anyways, here is a photo montage of this encounter which was near I-88 in Dekalb County, Illinois. Sometimes it is nice to just sit back and enjoy the show you are given. Our last two chases were chaotic so this was a nice change of pace. Its not all about severe weather and tornadoes sometimes you just need to step back and enjoy all mother nature has to offer and appreciate it!
I may update this from time to time as more pictures from my chase partners are posted, as well as video projects I do with video and further enhance photos.
Last Updated: 6-22-11
The storms did have an ugly side though, they produced widespread damaging winds throughout the NW suburbs of Chicago. When we arrived home we discovered that the tree in Skips backyard had fallen and partially landed on his house, luckily with minimal damage.

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