June 3rd Cheyenne Wyoming Storm Chase Bust

Jul 08, 2015


Sat around in target city all day waiting for storms that didn’t form. Called chase and grabbed dinner, as storms finally formed providing a couple weak consolation photo ops.




Tornadoes: 0
Hail: 0.00″
Wind: n/a
Dinner Bill: $11.65

The Forecast:

Meager flow, but increasing moisture across high plains yielding potential upslope target. Surface flow not ideal but forecast to back favorably later in the day. Cap was a little strong for the target region, but breakable if sufficient instability were to materialize with heating and increasing moisture. These conditions overspread a large area in typical upslope fashion, making a somewhat challenging forecast. Chose to target near Cheyenne, WY where tongue of deeper moisture would hopefully offset concerns. Directional shear was favorable for supercells and storm coverage was forecast to be numerous if cap broke. SPC went with high tornado probabilities for upslope, which had us quite excited.

Detailed Account:

After the previous days bust, hopes were high today. This was the first day that I was excited for in the string of upcoming chase days. Deep moisture was forecast to move into the high plains. Shear was quite wonky and I didn’t understand some of the surface direction I was seeing on the observations, but since when do upslope days ever make sense? The favorably worded SPC outlook helped get that “gut feeling” going.

I awoke at our hotel. Alec and his tour were quick to leave the hotel, and I was out the door much later than them. We wound picking similar targets though, and met up again in Cheyenne, WY for a Jimmy Johns lunch. It had been awhile since I was in Wyoming and it was nice to visit again. After lunch we found a rest stop to wait in. And wait we did…all day. Several other chasers joined in, and we had a medium size convergence going for several hours. Some rather interesting characters stopped at our rest stop, including a man who gave us several Christian preacher CDs to listen to, and another man with obnoxiously large dogs who decided to brush them in the parking lot, sending tuffs of fur airborne that were falling down like snow. Kinda gross actually…

A storm went up about 80 miles north of us, and most of the convergence bailed for it. I held my ground, not impressed by the environment up there. Sure enough that storm died. At least there was a storm there briefly, as it was now around 630pm and we had only seen a quick drizzle. With the cu thinning out and struggling, we called the day a bust. We decided to get dinner in Fort Collins, CO at a Huhot, which is always quite tasty. Storms developed while we were there and went severe warned, bringing a brief bout of pea size hail. As we exited the restaurant the departing storm provided some neat anvil structure as a consolation prize.

We proceeded to Brush, CO where we relaxed at our hotel room with a few beers before calling it a night. The next day offered two target choices, each with big potential.


0 for 2 on this trip so far. What am I doing out here? I am not feeling good about my string of luck lately. I need redemption for missing all the action the last 10 days of May. At least I saw some mature storms, albeit while not actually chasing, so at least the day was a slight improvement from yesterday. Hopefully the rest of my trip will follow along, and each day will get better.


SPC Reports:

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