June 8 2010 Illinois Bust

Feb 27, 2012


Decided to gamble on a marginal setup somewhat close to home. Drove south where warm front was forecast to spark some severe storms that never happened. Had a nice Dinner at Hardees and headed back home.
Tornadoes: 0
Hail: .00″
Wind: est 75mph caused by me driving.
Detailed Account:
Today had marginal written all over it. The setup was another one of those tricky IL warm fronts that *if* storms were able to form, they would go bonkers. The key is to get the storms to form though. An addition to Danny, Matt Cumberland decided to join us. This would make such a gamble easier on the wallet.
The 3 of us set out for our target around Springfield. A decaying MCS had moved through in typical fashion around here and the hope was things would clear out behind it allowing for destabilization. That never happened. Upon arriving in the target area we realized the day would bust. We grabbed some delicious dinner at a Hardees as some general storms went up. We were at least treated to some close CG and loud thunder for our efforts. Once the storm moved on so did we. I was back home by 10pm. Nothing ventured is nothing gained I always say.
Oh, Skip met up with us too. A shot of us being goofy in the parking lot.
I would rather try and fail than not try and miss something big. Busting when storms don’t fire is the easiest type to handle. Being in good company always helps. I returned home in good spirits. Severe storms did form in MO, but we deemed them not worth the effort.
SPC Tornado probabilities and storm reports:

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