Lightning Chicago Midway Airport Neighborhood August 2nd 2015

Aug 03, 2015

Severe weather moved through my home area on Sunday August 2nd. These included 3 rounds of storms. The first during the afternoon which unfortunately  took the life of a festival-goer. Things were calm the rest of the day until sunset when new, vigorous storms erupted. First a lone supercell that put down a tornado near Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, IL. Then a linear complex swept south across the metro area.

I setup to photograph lightning from home. The CG aspect was a bust thanks to a storm that blew up overhead just as the storms got close, thus making it impossible to photograph anything due to rain blowing around. Once the storms passed though I set my sights on the anvil crawlers that can lurk on the backside. Previous attemps had failed due to me not knowing my camera settings well, but this time it worked out as I have gotten the hang of things.

Ive been wanting to get a shot of my house with lightning around it for awhile now and these were the best results so far. Overall I am happy with the clarity and composition although I do need to level the tripod better next time. Minimal editing and pretty raw since I dont see these going up for sale ever. I can’t wait to get out and hopefully photograph more lightning. Click for full res.

DSC_8555 DSC_8568

DSC_8576 DSC_8600

DSC_8607 DSC_8613

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