May 2 2008 A Toothache and a Bust

Mar 05, 2012

Note** This recap will be briefer than normal.

Two targets today, a southern one and a northern one. Did not want to take the time off to chase the southern target so opted for the northern target closer to home. Dumb decision. Drove out west to Rochelle, IL with a very bad toothache that kept me in pain much of the chase. Waited for storms to initiate. Storms finally went up but barely reached sub severe status. Called it a chase once best dynamics shifted further north and toothache became unbearable.
Tornadoes: 0
Hail: .00″
Wind: measured 31mph thunderstorm gust.

Features: Whispy anvil, rainbow

Nasty accident on I-55 on the way. I always seem to run into these.

Image Hosted by

The best a storm looked as we sat in Rochelle.

Image Hosted by

Following it as it begins to weaken to nothing more than a shower.
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New storm trying to form as we drive back home.

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Ran into some heavy rain, and a rainbow!Image Hosted by
I arrived home to some severe warned storms going through my neighborhood as if nature was laughing at me. My anemometer also broke on the way home so all in all this chase was not too enjoyable. To make matters worse, the southern target went nuts with some significant tornadoes in Arkansas. Oh well, days like this will happen.

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