May 23rd 2011 Central Oklahoma Supercell

Feb 26, 2012
Storms went up further away than expected. Missed earlier rope tornado after dropping south to a nice isolated supercell heading towards Oklahoma City. Storm vanished into thin area upon arrived after noting good structure.
Tornadoes: 0
Hail: .88 [nickel]
Wind: n/a
Detailed Account:
As mentioned in my previous log I drove straight down to Wichita for this days chase, arriving around 11am at good ole Mike Nelson’s house. I took a brief power nap and let him and Jon do the forecasting monitoring. I told them to awake me when it was time to head out. That time came around 2pm and we were off. Storms had begun initiating off a dryline in Oklahoma. We made a move on the first set of storms that went up but found very little in the way of structure or anything worth looking at.
A nice isolated supercell was to our south heading for Oklahoma City and looked really good on radar, we quickly dumped our storm and set course for it. Here was the view on the way down.
We punched the outer edge of the core noting some small hail. The storm had a great appearance on radar and I thought, finally, after 6 days this would be the one!
We arrived in the hook a little far from the area of interest, but it would come straight at us and I was ok with that. At first it looked amazing.
However, someone flipped the switch and the storm died one of the fastest deaths I have ever witnessed in a storm.
When it reached us there was nothing more than a light rain shower left from what once was a nice, isolate supercell with good rotation and tennis ball size hail. I literally stood there frozen and dumbfounded. I never even bothered to figure out what caused such a rapid demise of the storm, but I did at least express my feelings towards it.
To make matters worse the original storm we were on produced a rope/landspout looking tornado. It was brief and weak but it was still SOMETHING. I was starting to get quite peeved at picking the wrong storms and began to question my own ability out in the field. I know I made the right calls but one can’t help but wonder once the same thing happens twice in a row.
We sampled a few more crap storms after this because Jon was eager to, and once I had enough I officially called off the chase and began to head back to Wichita, stopping again at some intense storms to at least try and find some large hail but there was none to be had for us. We arrived back in Wichita around midnight. I was so tired from only 4hrs of sleep in the last 3 days my body was in physical pain. I went over the forecast for the next day, which looked huge. I had one last chance to get a good tornado on what would be the 7th straight day of chasing. Not one moment after finishing that thought I was out cold for the night.
When all is said and done this really wasn’t a bad chase. We didn’t miss anything too significant, our storm just didn’t want to do it for us. Had I know the storm would literally vanish into thin air before my eyes I would have opted to sample the large hail under the meso, but instead I was thinking tripod shot of the entire life cycle of a tornado as it developed and moved towards us. Oh well.
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