May 25 2008 Bison Kansas Landspout

Mar 05, 2012

Day 3 was now upon us, we had two choices to choose from, I wanted to target IA, but saw that KS had a 2 day threat, so it was either a 1 day chase in IA, or 2 days in KS, naturally I opted for KS.


Slept a wee bit too late and made a mad dash towards the days target area, but managed to get there in time for some incredible wall clouds and a rather strange tornado. Had several run ins with the TIV and the rest of the convergence on this day. Really thought our storm was going to drop a large tornado but it never did – go figure! After they became outflow dominant we headed to Sonics, then to Wichita to meet up with Mike.


Tornadoes: 1

Hail: none

Highest winds: sub severe gust front approx 50mph.
Miles: approx 600.

Detailed account:

Man I could sleep in a hotel bed forever with the AC blasting, its some of the best sleep I can get and it showed. I woke up around 11am and realized we’re already behind so I get ready as fast as I can and out the door we go.


It was a long drive to Kansas, which was the farther target. Storms started firing further west than we had originally thought and started going T-warned. We race to catch up to them and pick out the few that looked best on radar to intercept. I start to see one in the distance on I-70 reassuring me we have a chance. Storm speeds were in the 30-35mph range which is doable.


Storms massive anvil in the distance along with splattered bugs on the windshield.

Well we decide to let this storm go since a more healthy looking one is forming to the south near LaCrosse. We gassed up and made that our target, heading further south and west we started running in to more chasers, a sign we were getting close. The storm finally comes into view and we pull off along with everyone else to snap some pics.

As it gets closer it starts to form a wall cloud. It could produce!

While photographing the wall cloud I glance over to my left and see this:

What a rather strange tornado. This lasted for about 3 minutes. I was not entirely sure this was a tornado at first. The circulation was tight and lasted for about 3 minutes though. Other chaser video shows a small yet well defined funnel cloud that quickly dissipated.


**THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO, It belongs to Storm chaser Joe Comstock**

So once that show was over my attention was focused back on this amazing wall cloud. We thought surely this would drop a nice big tornado as it was one very well defined, rotating wall cloud. The structure was amazing.

But the storms inflow must have been cut off and our wall cloud was now taking on a more shelf like appearance. Tornado threat goes bye bye.

So we left this storm to get on another one which also produced a very well defined and ominous looking wall cloud. There was some reported brief touch downs but nothing I noticed.

All of our storms began gusting out and we knew the day was over at this point so we made the decision to head towards Great Bend and get some food while the storms gusted out along side us.

Here you can see the gust front kicking up allot of dust, I tried to catch it to drive into it just for the hell of it but it stayed ahead of me.

Found a Sonics in Lyons I think and stopped there for an hour to enjoy some delicious food!!

After this we drove to Wichita to meet up with my buddy Weatherman Mike, of course he was at a bar called Old Chicago. We met him there and hung out for a bit, had a couple drinks and talked about the trip so far as well as shared our excitement for the chases yet to come.


Mike, his friend [sorry I forgot her name!] Matt and Deb at Old Chicago in Wichita. A funny side note: A bow segment arrived just as we entered the bar and tossed around the patio furniture.

So that was day 3 of 2008s chasecation. Another tornado day!

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