May 6 2007 Missouri Mothership

Mar 05, 2012

On the way back home from the previous days chase a nice cell blew up in Missouri so we decided to take a detour and follow it for awhile. Despite Missouri’s crappy terrain we were able to get a decent view of the storm. We sat and observed it for awhile as it dropped a few random pea size hailstones on us. The structure of the storm was the most impressing part.
This is whats known in the chaser community as “finding the mothership” when you can see the entire meso!


We followed the storm for about an hour, possibly noting a funnel cloud at one point which is on other video I got of the storm. It began to weaken on radar so we Broke off and continued on our way home. It was a nice little bonus.
Oh, here is a nasty car accident on I-70 in Kansas. Involving 2 semis and multiple cars that delayed us over an hour. For some reason on chases we see allot of bad accidents, probably because of the related bad weather, drive safe people!

So this ended my second chase adventure to the plains. It was a great experience and I cant wait to get back down there! It really is where I belong!

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