November 5 2008 Kansas Storm Chase

Mar 05, 2012


Intercepted the only 2 tornado warned storms of the day near the KS/OK border. Noticed a ragged wall cloud partially embedded in the precip core but no visible rotation. Decided to let the core overtake us and wasn’t too impressed, pea size hail and sub severe winds, but as we drove back east we found ourselves right along the edge of the precip shaft, which was a neat thing to experience.

Storms became outflow dominant, complete with classic whales mouth and chilly outflow winds. Tornado potential went bye bye, though the tornado warnings continued causing us to stay ahead of them rather than sampling more cores. Noted some pretty neat features and an awesome precip shaft. CG activity was probably the most intense Ive experienced, at least 4 close CG strikes [less than 100 yards] in under a minute.

We met up with fellow chasers Dick Mcgowan, Darin Brunin and others from their crew. They’re well respected members of the TVN crew and I’ve chatted with them online before, it was nice to meet them face to face.

Called off the chase and grabbed some dinner at Sonics before heading home. It felt good to be out there. I never really felt the storms would produce, but it was nice to be in the action again, near the violent weather. It felt good to be out there. This will likely be the last chase of 2008…but…there could be a weekend setup in the future. so it aint over till its over =)


Tornadoes: 0

Largest hail: pea .25″

Highest wind: est 40mph

Features: wall cloud, rainbows, whales mouth, striations.

Miles: 1460

Video: Tornado warned storms weak “core.”


Pretty IA crapvection:

Storm chasers Matt, Danny and sleeping Debbi.

Rolling hills of MO. A real pain in the ass when there is a 30mph head-wind.

Approaching the storm in Kansas

Leading edge of the tornado warned storm, starting to look shelfish.

Some sort of flanking line perhaps

Storm becoming more shelfish at this point. Precip begins to fall through it.

Ragged wall cloud on tornado warned storm as it crosses hwy 166. Wall cloud reports coming in at this time.

A few moments later:

I love this pic. Awesome view of the sharp edge of the precip core.

Hail core of the 2nd tornado warned storm.

Well ahead of the storms now. Almost dark

Note** A more detailed account of this chase can be found on my blog if you search the archives.

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