February Arctic Blast Coming?

Jan 24, 2015

After a rough start to January, things have eased up the last couple weeks. That trend looks to remain the same with tolerable temperatures for winter levels and just a few nuisance type systems bringing light snow to various parts of the nation. Basically, no major gloom and doom headlines to talk about as we […]

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A Warm Up Is Coming

Jan 12, 2015

    Good evening all, winter has been on full rampage mode, but that is about to change! A moderating trend gets underway beginning Thursday of this week, and by Saturday, much of the country will be above normal! Well, except for Florida, but they have been laughing at us all winter so we can […]

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New Years Weather: Unusual Las Vegas Snow, Cold Pattern to set in.

Dec 29, 2014

We are just a couple days away from closing out 2014 and beginning a new year. 2014’s weather overall was cooler than normal for most of the United States. The year featured a record slow tornado season, an almost non existent hurricane season, and so far winter has been fairly easy going¬†with no major crippling […]

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Winter Is Coming.

Dec 26, 2014

Hopefully everyone had a Merry Christmas. The big midwestern snowstorm that gave forecasters a headache all week ended up being a dud, but not before that same system produced a series of deadly tornadoes across the south just 2 days before the holiday. Donatios are currently being taken over at STORM ASSIST if you wish […]

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Christmas Eve Storm: Eastward Shift

Dec 23, 2014

This storm continues to be a pain. Since I first started talking about it I kept mentioning the critical “eastward shift” that would take the axis of heaviest snow away from Chicago. After about a days worth of runs putting Chicago in the hot spot, tonight, about 12 hours away from the actual event…we finally […]

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