September 5th Blue Sky Bust in Illinois

Oct 22, 2012


Blue sky bust, in Illinois…only 2012.



Tornadoes: 0

Hail: .00″

Wind: <30mph

Entire day off wasted: 1


Detailed account:

I got the day off work due to storms that rolled through in the morning. It was thought these storms would wreck the atmosphere for future development as often is the case around here. Low and behold though, things quickly cleared out and the atmosphere recovered. With boundaries laying around to focus more storms and enhance shear SPC even bumped up the tornado and hail probabilities for the day.

I had the day off, and the chase was about as local as it gets. I was pretty excited. I geared up and left home for the chase. Stopping at a nearby casino to meet with other chasers and wait for the storms. A line of cumulus went up and we thought these would blossom into the storms.  2012 had other plans. Long story short, the cu fizzled and the sky remained blue. I continued driving west in a zombified like state not really paying attention to anything until a local hot dog place snapped me out of it due to the fact I was hungry. We ate food, and went back home.

A picture of the chase-mobile in the parking taken by Lorraine Mahoney is the only sad reminder I have of this day.


I hate 2012 and I am beginning to hate storm chasing, ok not really, but at this point I have never been more frustrated with how a chase season is going. I have never experienced a blue sky bust in my home state. Usually we get SOMETHING out of any local setup I chose to chase, but not this year. Just put the icing on the cake and nail the coffin. Stick a fork in this year and bring on 2013.


SPC Storm Reports.

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