I am pleased to announce my second DVD release, FULL CIRCLE! This DVD will feature footage from the incredible November 7th, 2011 chase, as well as my entire 2012 and 2013 seasons. This DVD is very raw, with little editing. The best part is, the DVD runs about 1hr 55mins, and is mostly tornado footage! The theme of the DVD is pretty clear. TORNADOES, but also shows how the pursuit of these can sometimes be challenging and frustrating. 2011 ended on a high note, 2012 was awful for me, and 2013 was incredible, but came with an extremely tragic event. This range in emotions is where the title comes from. No matter what, the good times, the bad times, the victories, the failures. I always return, due to the love for the chase. It always comes FULL CIRCLE and roots itself back to that raw passion, that first spark that ignited the flame.

For those of you who want to see just tornadoes, as well as the storm chasing tactics that successfuly (and sometimes unsucessfully) lead to the intercepts, without any cheesy fabricated TV drama, or camera shots that focus on the chasers inside the vehicles instead of the weather outside the vehicle, then this DVD is for you!

The production is offered in 2 versions. CUT and UNCUT. The UNCUT version is completely unedited and includes foul language, while not constant, there are a few times where things get heated and some strong words fly. Especially one scene where I slip and fall down a hill, the words really fly then! The CUT version has all foul language edited out, and is the recommended version for kids/families or those who are sensitive to such words.

Oh, and unlike my first DVD release, this one is offered in BLU-RAY! Same footage, HD quality!


Cover preview.

Featured Chapters include:

November 7th 2011 –  Follow along as a cyclic supercell produces as many as 11 tornadoes during a fall setup that saw the first ever EF-4 tornado for the state of Oklahoma in the month of november! Up close video of all types of tornadoes.  There are so many tornadoes in this chapter, I still don’t know how many there are. How many will you count?

2012 – It was my worst year in storm chasing. This quick chapter will show just how bad of a year it was for me. There are 6 tornadoes in this short chapter, but all the views were less than stellar, edited at a fast pace, to get through it as quick as possible.

May 18th 2013 – The longest chapter on the disc. Features the entire life cycle of the beautiful Rozel, KS EF-4 tornado shot from a single location. Afterwards, another beautiful tornado touches down in a nearby field which ropes out as we drive under it!

May 19th 2013 – On a day that saw significant tornadoes rake central Oklahoma, we played southern Kansas and got up close, rare footage of a beautiful rope tornado that stretches overhead. You won’t see better footage of this tornado anywhere else!

May 20th  2013 – The Moore EF-5. We catch this monster tornado when it was at its largest, and helplessly watch as it enters Moore, OK.

May 28th 2013 – Bennington, KS. Storm chasers often dream of that elusive “Stationary wedge tornado in an open field.” On this day that dream became a reality as a very large tornado sat still for almost an hour! An incredible shot of an incredible tornado!

May 31st 2013 – The day that will forever live in storm chasing infamy as a strong tornado claims some of our own. We have a very close call with a tornado near the town of Tuttle, OK. A memorial follows to honor some friends that were lost.

October 4th 2013 – Some of the most intense video I have ever shot. I get up close and personal with an EF-4 wedge in Nebraska that ends up blowing out my back windshield! See the narrow escape in full, completely unedited.

November 17th 2013 – A late addition to the DVD, a rare late season high risk tornado outbreak strikes the midwest. The main beast of the event, a monster EF-4 tornado that struck Washington, IL. You won’t find better storm chasing video of this event than right here! We also catch a distant glimpse of a smaller tornado after stopping to search a damaged farmstead.

How To Order:

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**PLEASE BE SURE TO CORRECTLY SELECT CUT OR UNCUT!** I cannot offer refunds if you accidentally select the wrong type. Remember, uncut = naughty language. Cut = family friendly and kid safe. There is no difference in footage.

Please allow two weeks for your order to arrive. Most orderes will ship within a couple days and arrive within a week.

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Thanks again, and enjoy!

DVD – UNCUT $18.99

DVD – CUT $18.99



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