Storm Chasing DVD – The Noob!

I am pleased to announce my first solo, full length DVD! The Noob! This DVD is a must have for any level of weather enthusiast. See tornadoes of every type from far away and way too close. This DVD is not just tornadoes though and will feature large, vehicle damaging hail, intense straightline winds , core punches and more! Order button is at the bottom of the page but first check out the trailer!


DVD Cover Preview:
Featured Chapters Will Include:


April 22nd 2010 – TX

This chapter will set the stage in motion for the DVD. Starts of slow with distant views of several tornadoes, including 2 on the ground at once. A nice opening chapter that wont knock your socks off, but will leave you wanting more.
May 22nd 2010 – SD

From calm to chaos. This chapter needs little introduction. Some never before seen footage as well as filler shots from Ben Holcomb to fill in gaps help tell the story in a different perspective than what has been seen on other DVDs. Lots of tornadoes, lots of action!
June 10th 2010
If you like chapters of a peaceful nature than this one is for you. This chapter features 2 beautiful tripoded tornadoes from a distance away that allows for little noise other than the sounds of nature. The tornadoes take center stage in this chapter. No craziness, just the beauty of nature.
June 17th 2010 – MN

The greatest chase of my career. Many tornadoes of all shapes and sizes. Includes what I consider to be my best tornado footage. See violent cones, multi vortexes, wedges, trunks, ropes, satellites. Basically every kind of tornado has a cameo in this one.
April 19th 2011 – IL

A beautiful, strong tornado crosses the interstate at close range on a day I apparently forget how to properly film such an event. Still, the tornado is amazing and this chapter represents the perfect intercept.
April 27th 2011 – AL

The Super Outbreak. This chapter features rare footage of the Haleyville EF-3 and shows just how difficult it is to track a tornado in this part of the country. The tornado is massive and filled with debris, and makes a freak appearance. You’ve seen the same tornadoes 1000 times all over the internet from this day, but I bet you haven’t seen this one yet.
May 24th 2011 – OK

A classic Oklahoma tornado. Large, violent and long lived. This tornado was my best catch of 2011.
Bonus Chapters Include:
June 7th 2008

The chase that put my name on the map. A strong tornado crosses I-57 just south of Chicago. For the fist time, every second of video I shot is available to view, from the moment I turned on the camera inside the core, to the damage the tornado left behind.
Core Punching

A short chapter showing an intense core punch! Insane hail, wind and whiteout conditions!
Straight Line Winds

They can be just as intense as tornadoes, see and hear them in action and watch part of my truck get ripped off and carried away!
Large Hail

For the hail lovers out there, this one is for you! Watch large hail and listen to it dent up my truck!
Tornado Montage

Some tornadoes are too brief and weak to get their own chapters and sometimes I don’t get a great shot of a good tornado. This is their place, a montage of many tornadoes set to music.
Plus, see preview trailers for other great DVDs!!
Total runtime is 1hr 57minutes. DVD contains infrequent, mild adult language.
Blu-rays are not available at this time due to the fact parts of the DVD feature footage from years I did not own an HD camcorder.
DVDs will typically ship out 1-2 days after ordering. If there is a delay I will contact you.
Shipping is free! (Except for international orders)
Thank You in advance for your order, it means the world to me to be able to share these experiences!

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