February Arctic Blast Coming?

Jan 24, 2015 Comments Off by

After a rough start to January, things have eased up the last couple weeks. That trend looks to remain the same with tolerable temperatures for winter levels and just a few nuisance type systems bringing light snow to various parts of the nation. Basically, no major gloom and doom headlines to talk about as we […]

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April 9th Cold Front Bust

Apr 19, 2013 Comments Off by

Summary: A surging cold front ruined what could have been a promising day giving way to the first storm-less bust of the season. Stats: Tornadoes: 0 Hail: 0.00″ Wind: n/a New Milestone: Coldest temperatures ever experienced on a chase morning, 21 degrees! The Forecast: A strong cold front plowing southward through the plains. South of […]

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Freeze Warnings Out For Chicago and Much of the Midwest – Cool Pattern to Dominate.

Apr 05, 2012 Comments Off by

After a March that was generously warm (The warmest on record in many locations.) Much of the midwest is now under siege by an intrusion of colder air. Freeze Warnings are posted for all the locations in this map. While we were certainly spoiled by the March warmth, such occurrences of cold this year are […]

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