April 12th 2014 Iowa Hail

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Summary: Dashed into Iowa to catch isolated, but elevated storms with prolific hail cores. Got cored with hail up to ping pong ball size before night fell and storms transitioned to linear mode. Stats: Tornadoes: 0 Hail: 1.50″ (Ping Pong) Wind: n/a The Forecast: Strong baroclinic zone setup with quasi-stationary boundary draped across the midwest. [...]

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Lawton Oklahoma Tornado April 17th 2013

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Summary: Intercepted multiple tornado warned, HP supercells in southwest Oklahoma. Encountered mean, classic HP structure, large hail and  brief tornado in the city of Lawton and another possible tornado near Elgin. Detoured for tornado-producing tail end charlie storm near the TX border before calling chase and heading east for next days target.     Stats: [...]

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April 8 2013 Colorado Supercell and Hail, Driving the TIV!

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Summary: Day one driving the TIV. Got on persistent supercell near Burlington, CO noting good structure. Core punched storm once tornado warning was issued getting blasted with hail up to half dollar size.  Called chase once storm began weakening and roomed up for the night in nearby Colby, KS.     Stats: Tornadoes: 0 Hail: [...]

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April 7 2013 Amazing Kansas Supercell

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Summary: Sat in chilly air for most of the day until storms finally blew up north of target area. Intercepted southern-most, strongest storm of the day noting great supercell structure and area of rotation with reported tornado. Core punched storm a few times with hail up to half dollar size before letting it go as [...]

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Large Hail Pummels Chicago. June 28th 2012

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Storms erupted to life over sections of the Chicago area on Thursday, June 28th 2012 producing widespread damaging hail up to, and probably over 2.00″ in diameter and frequent cloud to ground lightning. This all happened on a day where the official temperature at Midway reached 100 degrees, and in the early stages of a [...]

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March 29th Storm Chase – Bust With Brief Core Punch

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Summary: Stuck to target ignoring what became the storm of the day further north. Called chase near sunset as storms quickly developed. Core punched developing storm with onslaught of quarter size hail before continuing home.       Stats: Tornadoes: 0 Hail: 1.00″ (Quarter) Wind: < 58mph   Detailed Account: Today was supposed to be [...]

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Large Hail and Supercell Near Americus, Kansas March 28 2012

Mar 30, 2012 Comments Off

Summary: Drove all morning to target area fearing early initiation. Ended up sitting for awhile waiting for storms to form a couple hours before dark. Dropped south to intercept slow moving supercell with plenty of large hail. Storm tried to wrap up and exhibited weak rotation for a time but could never produce a tornado. [...]

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