Washington Illinois EF-4 Tornado November 17th 2013

Nov 19, 2013 Comments Off by

Summary: Chased late season high risk outbreak in local turf catching the large, long tracked and unfortunately deadly EF-4 tornado that tore through Washington Illinois. Stopped to perform search and rescue before resuming chase catching a distant view of a second tornado near Dana, IL. Called chase once storms got too far ahead and had [...]

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June 12th 2013 Chicago Illinois High Risk

Oct 23, 2013 Comments Off by

Summary: Ignored more obvious tornado target to gamble closer to home. Got on tornado warned supercell that quickly went outflow dominant noting dramatic storm structure. Core punched storm experiencing 70mph winds and hail up to nickel size. Called chase as storms congealed and moved on.     Stats: Tornadoes: 0 Hail: .88″ (Nickel) Wind: est [...]

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Storm Chase Log: January 29th Illinois

Jan 30, 2013 Comments Off by

Summary: Chased early season setup intercepting several tornado/severe warned line segments noting areas of rotation and a few funnels but could never confirm any tornadoes. Stats: Tornadoes: 0 Hail: 0.00″ Wind: < 58mph The setup: Strong, seasonal speed shear as a deep trough plowed into the midwest coupled with record warmth as far north as [...]

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January 29th 2013 Severe Weather Outbreak Forecast

Jan 28, 2013 Comments Off

The nation is gearing up for its first potential widespread severe weather event to take shape on Tuesday the 29th. As such, I am preparing for an early season chase. A quick look at SPC shows a very large risk for severe thunderstorms, especially across the lower MS river valley where a moderate risk is [...]

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Geminid Meteor Shower Pictures

Dec 14, 2012 Comments Off

Attempted to shoot the Geminids on the morning of December 14th 2012. This was my first time messing around with a DSLR, so while not perfect, I am certainly pleased with the results. I definitely need to get ahold of one of these before chase season 2013.

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Storm Structure in Iowa and Dust Storms in Illinois – May 28th 2012

Oct 22, 2012 Comments Off

Summary: Got on severe storm in Iowa with cool structure but no severe weather, called chase and detoured for new outflow driven storms in Illinois with huge dust clouds along the gust front.       Stats: Tornadoes: 0 Hail: .50″ (dime) Wind: est 55-60mph outflow.   Detailed Account: Today seemed to have less potential [...]

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Severe Storms Strike Chicago Once Again. July 24th 2012

Jul 24, 2012 Comments Off

It seems that during one of the worst droughts in decades, the only way the area around Chicago can get rain is by getting pounded with severe storms. Tuesday morning’s round of severe weather was no surprise to many. Impressive parameters for severe storms were noted ¬†hours before they actually arrived. With the record heat [...]

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More Severe Weather for Chicago. July 1st 2012

Jul 01, 2012 Comments Off

Storms erupted to life once again the morning of Sunday, July 1st for the Chicagoland area thanks to a gravity wave caused by collapsing storms in Iowa colliding with a frontal boundary that has been wobbling across the area the past couple days. The image below shows how it all happened. Click for full size. [...]

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Freeze Warnings Out For Chicago and Much of the Midwest – Cool Pattern to Dominate.

Apr 05, 2012 Comments Off

After a March that was generously warm (The warmest on record in many locations.) Much of the midwest is now under siege by an intrusion of colder air. Freeze Warnings are posted for all the locations in this map. While we were certainly spoiled by the March warmth, such occurrences of cold this year are [...]

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3/27/12 Forecast Update

Mar 27, 2012 Comments Off

The forecast for storm initiation due to weak forcing is still the big issue with todays setup. Shear is there, and instability (albeit in a very narrow corridor) is also there. The big fly in the ointment continues to be the lack of any real appreciable forcing. There is not much of a wind shift [...]

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