April 8th 2015 Oklahoma Bait

Apr 12, 2015 Comments Off by

Summary: First chase of 2015 goes down a bust as a dumb decision was made to dump initial storms across KS that ended up producing a tornado for a dryline storm in Oklahoma that vanished as soon as we arrived. Stats: Tornadoes: 0 Hail: 0.00″ Wind: n/a The Forecast: Slow moving system finally entering the […]

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April Fools Day Storm Chasing Prank

Apr 04, 2014 Comments Off by

Summary: Gambled with day before the day potential cap bust, and lost. Stats: Tornadoes: 0 Wind: n/a Hail: 0.00″ Storms: 0 The Forecast: Initial piece of progressive trough moving into the plains. Ample moisture was finally in place creating strong instablity for early April standards. Forcing along a retreating dryline was weak at best. Cap […]

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El Reno Oklahoma Tornado May 31st 2013

Sep 29, 2013 Comments Off by

Summary: A very chaotic chase as we nearly drove into a record breaking tornado, got caught in an unbelievable traffic jam due to a mass exodus before nearly getting rolled by a smaller tornado near Tuttle, Oklahoma. Learned of devastating news that would change the storm chasing world forever as the historic storms claimed some […]

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May 30th 2013 Oklahoma Storm Chasing

Sep 08, 2013 Comments Off

Summary: Overslept and missed the main play of the day. Forced to play secondary area of development noting some pretty non-severe structure but no actual severe weather.         Stats: Hail: 0.00″ Wind: n/a Tornadoes: 0 The Setup: Similar setup to previous day with same frontal boundaries continuing south/east. Similar parameters were in […]

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Moore Oklahoma Tornado May 20th 2013

Jun 10, 2013 Comments Off

Summary: Caught large, destructive EF-5 tornado that tore through Moore as it was west of town. Could not pursue tornado due to lack of river crossing so dropped south to other tornadic storms witnessing possible tornado before calling off chase and heading back to Shawnee for dinner/hotel.     Stats: Tornadoes: 1 Hail: .00″ Wind: […]

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