April 22nd Texas Panhandle Supercells

Apr 23, 2015 Comments Off by

Summary: Intercepted HP behemoth in Texas panhandle. Pursued storm for a few hours occasionally getting overtaken by the forward and rear flank cores containing lots of hail up to ping pong ball size. Abandoned storm for new development nearby which turned out to be a much more photogenic storm that had a questionable tornado we […]

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April 8th 2015 Oklahoma Bait

Apr 12, 2015 Comments Off by

Summary: First chase of 2015 goes down a bust as a dumb decision was made to dump initial storms across KS that ended up producing a tornado for a dryline storm in Oklahoma that vanished as soon as we arrived. Stats: Tornadoes: 0 Hail: 0.00″ Wind: n/a The Forecast: Slow moving system finally entering the […]

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Iowa Supercell July 12th 2014

Nov 20, 2014 Comments Off by

Summary: Played marginal setup catching pair of well structured supercells that produced brief funnel cloud but no tornado. Detoured west to have a night out in Omaha afterwards. Stats: Tornadoes: 0 Hail: .75″ (penny) Wind: n/a The Forecast: Pretty standard summer setup. Slow moving cold front with plenty of instability ahead of it, but only marginal […]

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May 20th 2014 Chicago Severe Weather

May 25, 2014 Comments Off

Summary: Got on southeast moving supercell that tracked through Chicago suburbs encountering  intense straight line winds, hail up to golfball size. Also witnessed numerous powerflashes while following storm to attempt lightning photos. Turned around from home once storm moved out of area.     Stats: Tornadoes: 0 Hail: 1.75″ (golfball) Wind: est 70mph. The Forecast: […]

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Lawton Oklahoma Tornado April 17th 2013

Apr 25, 2013 Comments Off

Summary: Intercepted multiple tornado warned, HP supercells in southwest Oklahoma. Encountered mean, classic HP structure, large hail and  brief tornado in the city of Lawton and another possible tornado near Elgin. Detoured for tornado-producing tail end charlie storm near the TX border before calling chase and heading east for next days target.     Stats: […]

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