Clinton Iowa Tornado April 9 2015

Apr 12, 2015 Comments Off by

Summary: Chased HP supercell from southern Iowa to Illinois border, finally catching developing tornado at very close range near Clinton. Celebrations were short lived as historic event then unfolds back in Illinois.       Stats: Tornadoes: 1 Hail: 1.25″ (Half dollar) Wind: est 70mph RFD Milestone: First multi state tornado. (IA-IL) The Forecast: Slow […]

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Pilger Nebraska Twin EF-4 Tornadoes June 16th 2014

Jul 16, 2014 Comments Off by

Summary: Witnessed the most incredible single tornadic event in my chase career. Two violent tornadoes churning side by side for 20+ minutes. Also witnessed several other tornadoes in what will undoubtedly be THE chase of 2014. Stats: Tornadoes: 5 +2 maybe’s Hail: 1.00″ (quarter) Wind: est 55-60mph RFD Milestone: Most violent tornadoes witnessed in a […]

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Nebraska Storm Chase and Tornadoes June 14th 2014

Jun 22, 2014 Comments Off by

Summary: Intercepted several storms catching far away glimpse of landspout tornado as well as a pair of after-dark tornadoes. Saw some decent structure along the way as numerous storms went up in south central Nebraska. Stats: Tornadoes: 3 Hail: 1.25″ (Half dollar) Wind: n/a The Forecast:¬† Ample instability under moderate capping ahead of surface triple […]

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Nebraska Tornado April 27th 2014

May 01, 2014 Comments Off

Summary: Played surface low with minimal probabilities and ended up catching a low contrast tornado. Stats: Tornadoes: 1 Hail: .75″ (penny) Wind: n/a The Forecast: Powerful cut off system with vertically stacked low now in place. Intense speed shear overspreading all of warm sector with sufficient instability in place. Morning activity would affect the days […]

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Washington Illinois EF-4 Tornado November 17th 2013

Nov 19, 2013 Comments Off

Summary: Chased late season high risk outbreak in local turf catching the large, long tracked and unfortunately deadly EF-4 tornado that tore through Washington Illinois. Stopped to perform search and rescue before resuming chase catching a distant view of a second tornado near Dana, IL. Called chase once storms got too far ahead and had […]

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