Watching Two Big Weather Makers This Week.

Nov 04, 2012

A potentially active weather week is in store for much of the nation. First on Thursday the 8th the northeast braces for potential impacts of a nor’easter barely a week after Sandy’s devastation. This system will be nowhere near as strong as Sandy, but with the area already crippled, this is the last thing people wish to see. Some runs deepen the surface low to 980mb, which is still a very formidable storm, even though it will come nowhere near Sandy’s record low of 943mb.

If there is any good news it looks like heavy snowfall amounts wont be too big of a concern as surface temps look to hold into the 40s, perhaps dipping into the upper 30s. Still though, a couple inches of heavy wet snow can’t be ruled out, and would only cause more problems for the recovery efforts.  These types of systems are not uncommon for the area this time of year though, below is a loop of how the system may evolve. A fairly classic nor’easter. It first begins forming over the southeast and then rides up the coast as it rapidly deepens. Heavy rain and high winds/surf will be common along the coast.

Shortly after from the 10th through 12th, the nations midsection braces for a potential severe weather episode as a really deep and intense trough slams into the west coast and moves inland. Models have been showing this solution for about a week now, with varying solutions regarding the potential severe weather. Currently it looks like the midwest would favor a damaging wind event in the form of fast moving, narrow squall line. Speed shear values are very impressive, and there is some turning in the lower levels to help promote storm rotation. Instability, while present, is somewhat lacking. Still though, it wont take much to get things going given the shear in place.

The cold side of this system will likely experience heavy snow, potentially even a blizzard.  Needless to say, it is going to be a busy weather week as the details of these 2 systems become clearer in the next few days.

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